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Welcome at Thai Wetlook!
Photographer Theo from Pbase has been a WAM-lover for many years. After he retired he took a holiday in Thailand, where he found that most girls like wetlook, it's a widely accepted cultural phenomenon. Not only during Songkran, the Thai new year where everybody throws water. The girls he meets like to play in water and mud, it's a nice way to cool down on a hot day!
Most girls are nÚt those Pattaya-hookers you will find elsewhere, but real girls from the villages he visits having genuine fun!!

This makes ThaiWetlook a unique site with something for everybody! If you like Asian girls getting wet, you will love this site!
We hope you enjoy your stay!

This weeks update:
Lat and Noi in jeans on the wet sand, they don't mind the tourists that are watching :-)
thaiwetlook25334.jpg thaiwetlook25360.jpg thaiwetlook25424.jpg thaiwetlook25452.jpg

two friends make a fruity mess of themselves :-)

First at the hotel, we move to the beach and she gets wet, sexy and sandy

Both wearing an all jeans outfit, playing in a muddy field

Two barladies at a resort plunge in the pool, one in fur coat and one in lack. Soon in less.

Lat and Noi in jeans on the beach

Ann & Ba first cuddle in the shadow but then take a clothed swim in the pool