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Welcome at Thai Wetlook!
Photographer Theo from Pbase has been a WAM-lover for many years. After he retired he took a holiday in Thailand, where he found that most girls like wetlook, it's a widely accepted cultural phenomenon. Not only during Songkran, the Thai new year where everybody throws water. The girls he meets like to play in water and mud, it's a nice way to cool down on a hot day!
Most girls are nÚt those Pattaya-hookers you will find elsewhere, but real girls from the villages he visits having genuine fun!!

This makes ThaiWetlook a unique site with something for everybody! If you like Asian girls getting wet, you will love this site!
We hope you enjoy your stay, we will post an update every week of soaked and clothed girls in wet and messy movies and pics!

This weeks update:
"What you mean, keep our clothes clean?":-)

Movie of Pal & Ju at Patong beach, wearing jeans

Oy and Am in short skirt in orange clay

Ca in 2 outfits in the mud, a jeans with white blouse and a lack suit

Very good video of FIVE Thai girls crawling in dirt, 
then finding a good wet mudspot where they have their own mudparty!